After graduating from computer science, I join freelancers marketplace like, getafreelancer, etc.

With dedication and persistent work, more projects coming from several countries such as America, the Netherlands, Australia and Indonesia.

I’m using PHP, JS, CSS and use sublime text for favorite editor.
mostly, I do maintain existing systems, adding new features to fix bugs, system optimization and of course create a new website.

Often works with various APIs, related to My thesis about REST (Representational state transfer) which is at 2006 is XML / SOAP era.

And today REST is used almost at any API platform because of its efficiency & simplicity

one of my specialties is integration between platforms, both face to face (API) or without API. sometimes because of for cost efficiencies, an enormous API cost, we choose custom integration.

I always choose efficient and cost effective solutions,

I am available to discuss your project over the phone or via Skype ID: wongkediri

In my free time I prefer go to my backyard or go camping with families and friends.